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07 November 2009 @ 06:53 pm
Welcome, 어이!  

Yes, I'm talking to you, you and you!
We're very happy that you are here. You can see our happines, right?
With the rest of 수주
members we hope you will visit this page often to follow our achievemnets, brand new photos, first-hand informations and much more!
Please help us to spread 수주
sapphire blue L.O.V.E all over the world!

Ok, after such a cheerful greeting from Leeteuk oppa and Sungmin oppa some organizational issues from me.
As you read this is new community which will bring you hot new informations about Super Junior every day. Membership is open and everybody can post here so if you want to make jokes about SuJu or E.L.F's, you can stay out from here.
Rules are very simple:
1. We post here things only about SuJu or related to them. Any other posts will be deleted.
2. You can post photos, news and also download links to MV's, songs, etc. Everything about SuJu, except graphics is welcomed.
3. Please, remember to TAG posts. If you do it, post is easier to find in archives.
4. You must JOIN the group to see all of the posts.
5. Spread SuJu love all around the world!

And one more thing. Maybe any of you would like to help in making graphics for our community? I mean headers and maybe even layouts. If so, please contact with me. Send me a meesage or write here a comment and I will write you back.

This is all from me now ^__^.
No! Sorry, I forgot! xD.

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